5 Benefits of Offgrid Plans

1. Beat The Housing Market

Many people who search for online plans will find that they are limited to either a burly cake mansion design by quick-buck-turning developers or an obsolete catalog from an older generation of homebuilders.  Most of the remaining plans do not integrate efficient, natural systems.

Imagine if you tried to buy a plan for their climate and context, to find that no plans were available…

Instead, you find thousands of suburban house plans online that carelessly specify materials, minimal construction, poorly planned views and configurations!

This bland, blind, over-inflated, ill-devised and unsustainable market is what we are working to counter for the housing market at Offgrid Plans.

2. Packaged Concept

Clients prefer a packaged concept when they decide to transition to a new residence, rather than a piecemeal kit of parts with excessive options.  BY doing this we protect our clients from an excessive mortgage or rental and the unsuitable, unhealthy, unfriendly characteristics of that environment.

You can rest assured that our projects are designed to bring peace of mind from first conception to reality.

3. Customizable Features

We can help you adapt any home plan for specific, local permitting requirements.

In fact, we develop our home designs so that your plans are fully customizable.  Our designs are reviewed by experienced architects and home builders before modifications are finalized.

4. Risk Management

The difficulty in working with a custom homebuilder is risk.

You, as a customer, have to trust that the design-builder can effectively deliver quality materials without unfair markup on construction costs and an architect or construction manager or even local permitting may not be able to guarantee the builder’s quality.  Builders can rely on connections with specific manufacturers, building techniques and laborer methods that may be convenient but not durable.

We ensure that our detailing offers outstanding quality.

By defining the preferred construction details, which many of our competitors leave open to interpretation, builders will benefit from not having to take more responsibility than they are prepared to.

5. Intelligent, Site Specific Solutions

Offgrid Plans offers solutions to the housing market.

What if the building plans were perfectly designed for a customer’s climate, site and soil conditions, local assets such as underground water, rainwater and predictable sunshine?  What if sustainable design reached the housing market and offered its best solutions to a customer, who then could make an educated decision without invoking the extreme excess of hiring an architect or designing it themselves and burdening themselves with a mountain of code compatibility issues?

And what if those plans were designed to save a customer money, while specifying healthy, green products and building techniques that cost a fraction of the price of the predictably commonplace framing with veneers and short-life roofing?

We do all of this at Offgrid Plans!

We have experienced architects and designers on staff, creating and modifying intelligently-designed, customizable plans to our customers which provide integrated, regionally-sensitive building systems.

We require our products to perform brilliantly.

We also require off-grid and off-grid system options to meet the challenge of today’s society to escape the consumption of fossil-fuels (at home and in transit) and overtaxed corporate utility networks.  This category includes passive and active strategies that connect the building concept to the environment, the topography, and the essential qualities of the land and context.  This allows a home construction to interface with its potential, to attain stewardship of the environment.  With this ethic, architects and designers help the people retain their human right to self-actualization and a safe, defensible home.

Land may be eternally taxable with antiquated restrictions but the exodus from the urban core has been a constant option!  The fact is that the rural landscape is the architectural frontier because it embodies an intermediate zone of political boundaries and society’s return to agrarian roots.  A rural exodus and offgrid society decrees the possibility of a sustainable world and a biodiverse planet!

Our vision is in accordance with the trends of contemporary culture seeking sustenance: hyper-localism and micro-economies.  As an overview, our company engages these facts with our experienced architects, designers, engineers, and social entrepreneurs.

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