Architectural Trends

10 Pop-Up Shipping Container Malls

Top 90 Architecture Ideas in May
Cliffside Container Abodes - Specht Architects Home is Integrated into the Natural Limestone Ridge
Cliffside Container Abodes
Tiny House Villages - This Village Lets You Experience Temporary Small Living
Tiny House Villages


Curvaceous Tiny Homes - The Curved 260 Micro Home Brings Elegance to Tiny Living
Curvaceous Tiny Homes
Stilted Solar Homes - The Sustainable ZED Pods Can Be Installed in Parking Lots
Stilted Solar Homes


Eco-Friendly Refugee Housing - The 'Hex House' is Designed to be Sustainable and Low-Cost
Eco-Friendly Refugee Housing
Repurposed Container Homes - The RDP House is Built Using Recycled Shipping Containers and Glass
Repurposed Container Homes


Compact Smart Homes - This New Smart Home Apartment's Design Transforms Over Time
Compact Smart Homes
Urban Zen Residences - 2305 Studio's Up2green House is Designed for a Family with Kids
Urban Zen Residences
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