About Us

Go Green with Offgrid Plans

Offgrid Plans is the source for homeowners and builders who want to create a better world through the off-the-grid approach!  We offer building plans, building system designs, innovative products and DIY projects for you.  Our network curates and packages the best of new technologies in green construction, sustainable design and off-the-grid living.  We work with architects, developers, designers, builders, contractors and, especially, home-builders and home renovators in the southern United States.  We are partnered with local and international businesses and based in Austin, Texas.

You might be asking what is “off-the-grid”?

Our answer is that “off-the-grid” is a philosophy of ecological thinking that challenges the systematized core beliefs of the 20th and 21st century reliance on fossil fuels, over-burdened and polluted transportation networks & the oppression of city life.  Living off the grid is about both self-reliance and community support and rejecting a life of excess and most importantly, global waste.  There are various levels of self-sufficiency, and each option is better than none.

Find your ‘Livable Ecological & Self-sufficient Structure’ and Build LESS!