About Our Plans

Offgrid Plans offers sustainable and eco-friendly house plans, tiny-home plans, home workshop plans, guesthouse plans and cabin plans.  Each plans is customizable and provides options for integrated, offgrid, regionally-specified building systems.  We also sell building systems schematics and do-it-yourself fabrication plans that accommodate your eco-conscious lifestyle goals.

Our plans are professionally-developed and professionally-reviewed to make your project easier, from selection to permitting approval. Our goal is to provide great, unique options to the housing market at a great price.

We help our builders and everyday people just like you turn your dreams into a reality.  Building your own home is an exciting and rewarding experience that begins with a great building plan designed for your basic needs and interests!  With our offgrid, sustainable and eco-friendly house plans, we can help you get a quick and well-prepared start.


Here are some reasons why you should choose OffgridPlans.com:

Will My Plans Meet Building Code Requirements?

Our construction plans are designed to meet the building code requirements that are accepted in most areas of the continental United States.  These plans include compliance with the International Residential Code 2006 (IRC 2006) and IECC/REScheck state energy standards due to their prevalence in the United States.

Our schematic plans are less detailed and require you to consideration local requirements with a design professional or experienced builder.

Which Construction Drawings are Included?

Our plans meet some of the basic permitting requirements of United States permitting councils.  These include:

  1. Floor plans – all dimensions, room names, size and type of windows and doors, cabinetry and fixtures, and ceiling heights.
  2. Roof plan – all dimensions, building footprint.
  3. Exterior elevations – exterior materials, windows and doors, roof slopes, chimneys and overhangs.
  4. Construction details
  5. Structural plans as required – second floor framing, ceiling framing, roof framing, headers and beams.  Note: some jurisdictions require a professional engineer’s seal and other notes.

Which Construction Drawings are not Included?

Our plans, before modifications, do not include the following:

  1. Foundation plans which may need a local engineer’s seal.
  2. Site plans may be required, which we may provide as an additional modification.

What is your Shipping Policy for Plan Sets?

Free shipping for printed plans and low prices for mailed and electronic delivery.

Options, Modifications and Support

  1. We’re available to help you through email, phone and social media.
  2. Our plans can be customized to your exact requirements.  We offer free estimates for modifications to your plan.  Many of our designers provide these modifications.  Contact our support at modifications@offgridplans.com.

Browse for a suitable home design by customizing your search options to find the most appropriate solution you are looking for.  You can also share your favorite designs with friends and family.

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